Painting the Impressionist Watercolor with Judith Fulmer ... July 17-21, 1-4pm


Painting the Impressionist Watercolor with Judith Fulmer ... July 17-21, 1-4pm


Students will be introduced to painting the light with watercolor using large masses and temperature through the block study method.  First they will see examples of finished studies and a demonstration of a block study, and then students will do a block study on their own.  I will use guided participation methods and on-the-spot corrections to assist students in making appropriate color choices.  Once students have completed their studies, they will participate in a group critique to help them identify successful studies and to provide detailed feedback and support where needed. Students will do more studies and apply what they have learned about expressing light through mass and temperature to a landscape.  Terms such as Local Color, Brilliance, Mass, Warm Notes, and Cool Notes will be introduced and reinforced.


Materials list:

If you are already an experienced plein air watercolorist bring your travel kit.  If you are new to plein air watercolor painting, I would suggest purchasing the Windsor Newton Cotman Travel Bag.  This kit will give you a variety of colors.

The kit comes with brushes but you may wish to add three additional brushes, #10 round,  #8 round, #0

The kit comes with a small 4” x 6” watercolor block it would be best to have two additional medium size blocks, I prefer arches 9” x 12” and/or 10” x 14”

Required additional color: Chinese white



Eraser, I prefer the Staedtler Mars plastic eraser

Masking Fluid

Rubber cement pick up

Small pocketknife

Small sea sponge

Paper towels

Water to drink

Water to paint with

Small container to pour your water in for cleaning your brushes

¼ “ artist tape or masking tape (optional)


Bug repellant

Hat with brim

Emergency poncho

Small portable chair that you can fit into your…

Backpack to carry your supplies.

About Judith Fulmer:

Judith Fulmer began to study art at Towson University in 1988, taking numerous undergraduate and graduate level art classes.   Her interest in impressionism took her to Provincetown, Massachusetts, where she has spent almost every summer since 1993.   In 1997 she began studying at the Cape Cod School of Art, primarily with Lois Griffel, John DiMestico, and Lee Boynton.  In 2000 she accepted a summer position as a monitor at the Cape Cod School of Art living in the Pearl Street Studio and continued as a monitor for several years.  She has also studied painting in the evenings at the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore, Maryland. Most recently she has continued her studies under the guidance of Gail Browne, John Ebersberger, Robert Longley, and Hilda Neily.  She is able to paint effectively using a variety of mediums, primarily watercolors, oils, and pastels. Her work focuses on light and color.   She is known mostly for her seascapes and landscapes using her style of blending impressionism and realism.  She continues to learn and share her passion about art with her students.

Judith has been a member of several art organizations in Maryland and in Massachusetts.   She is a member of the Maryland Pastel Society, Provincetown Art Association Museum, Castle Hill Truro Center for the Arts, and the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association.  She has participated in the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Associations annual fall event know as Paint Annapolis.   She is a regular participant in the Howard County Arts Council's Celebration of the Arts fundraiser.  She has made presentations to both the Maryland Pastel Society and the Laurel Arts Guild on her use of color.  On March 26th 2008 she was also featured as a salon artist on a Maryland Public Television show called Artworks This Week.

Her work is currently represented by Recovering Hearts in Provincetown, MA and The Whitehall Gallery in Annapolis, MD.  In Provincetown, MA, her work has been shown at the Wohlfarth Gallery, Julie Heller Gallery, and Gail Browne Gallery.  Additionally she has been represented in Rehoboth Beach, DE by the Angel Eyes Gallery and is currently looking for additional representation.  

ARTIST'S STATEMENT:  "I hope to draw you into my paintings, touch you with color, jog your memory, renew your admiration of God's creations, and remind you that peace is possible."


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