Perceiving Color with Heather Bruce, July 31-August 3, 1pm-4pm ... Details here


Perceiving Color with Heather Bruce, July 31-August 3, 1pm-4pm ... Details here


Instructor: Heather Bruce

To sign up, call the registrar at 617-717-9568

My studies with Henry Hensche focused first and foremost upon looking at simple, colored blocks in different light settings and trying to articulate them in paint. I found his method an invaluable tool for learning to isolate and simplify the masses, see the warm and cool differences in light and shadows and observe how the light key and surrounding colors all affect one another. When striving to see the myriad of colors in these simple, block still lives, one begins to see that a red, green, blue yellow or white block, is not simply that, but a combination of many other colors. Once this is understood with blocks, its application to more complex still life’s and landscape can be applied. The light must remain constant in order to observe the effects. For that reason, I have chosen to modify my method of teaching with blocks. Weather permitting, with reliable stretches of time for uninterrupted sunlight, classes will be held outside. When conditions are not conducive, class will be held inside, with block set-ups illuminated with strong, artificial light. As one advances from the simplicity of the blocks, one can begin to explore rounded and more complex forms.

Materials list:

Suggested oil paints: (can replace with similar colors, but it is important to have a warm and cool yellow, red, and blue)

titanium white

cadmium yellow

cadmium yellow deep

cadmium red light or cadmium scarlet

permanent rose

alizarin crimson

ultramarine blue

cerulean blue

winsor green or viridian

permanent green pale

yellow ochre

burnt umber

Gessoed panels: 8 gessoed masonite boards (approximately 8" x 10" - rough up surface with sandpaper before applying one thin coat of gesso). Note: For those using water mixable oils, the gessoed masonite boards are too slick, so pre­made canvas boards should be purchased instead.

Mixing palette

Palette knife: 2" diamond-shaped

Brushes: small brush

Easel: portable easel

Turpentine: Gamesol

Cloths or paper towels

About Heather:

Heather Bruce, a Provincetown resident, has a long history in The Cape School tradition. Heather shows in Provincetown, Florida, and California, and teaches in Provincetown and Truro. Her work is in collections across the U.S., and has been featured in regional and national publications.  A google search will find her highlighted in several prominent galleries and publications.

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